The Secret War on Cash Podcast

The Secret War on Cash Podcast
Listen to “The Secret War on Cash” on Spreaker.

Swiss America CEO Dean Heskin launches a new podcast, The Secret War on Cash, available here on The Truth Central, on Spreaker, Youtube, Apple, Spotify and wherever you get your podcasts

The U.S. Government and Federal Reserve are fighting against cash on many fronts. Banks must now report cash withdrawals or deposits of $10,000 or more. Furthermore, banks must report to the government any financial behavior on your part it arbitrarily deems “suspicious” or “unusual.”
The World Economic Forum and World Bank are touting the creation of an international digital currency, an increasing number of businesses and venues in the U.S. have become “cashless” and the devaluation of the dollar has been in full swing in recent years.
Swiss America CEO Dean Heskin says we need to be aware of the campaign against cash due to current and coming policies and prepare for what is to come through our podcast, THE SECRET WAR ON CASH, powered by Swiss America.

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