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On this edition of The Truth Central, Dr. Jerome Corsi explains how today’s leaders and voters could learn today from political machinations of the past through three very important #books about government deception and #corruption:

1. How #FDR, through lying to the American people at the time, manipulated the nation into fighting World War II through Douglas Horne’s book: The McCollum Memorandum: A Story of Washington, D.C. in 1940-41: Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Journey from Deterrence to Provocation on the Road to Pearl Harbor

2. How Senator Frank Church, the man at the center of numerous investigations into #abuseofpower within the American ##government, tried to expose #corruption and malfeasance while up against a very powerful establishment through James Risen’s book: The Last Honest Man: The #CIA, the #FBI, the #Mafia, and the #Kennedys―and One Senator’s Fight to Save Democracy

3. Mattias Desmet’s in-depth study of how people become enamored by #Marxist/##Socialist philosophies in his book: The Psychology of #Totalitarianism.

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