Are We Headed for a New World War? – The Truth Central, Oct 19, 2023

Are We Headed for a New World War? – The Truth Central, Oct 19, 2023

The Israel-Hamas War is raging, nations are taking sides, the Ukraine War is being allowed to continue as the US-Russia proxy war and an economic war is going on behind the scenes as China and Russia are leading a BRICS move to take down the U.S. dollar. As for defending America from all of this, the Biden Administration has only been interested in escalating wars, throwing money around, raising debt and printing money. As tensions escalate, the question arises: Aer we headed toward a new World War? Dr. Jerome Corsi looks at several angles to address this question on today’s The Truth Central
There is a huge economic crash coming — is the U.S. – and are you – ready?
Automakers are blasting the Biden Administration’s plan to boost fuel efficiency regulations

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