Biden to Send $6B to Iran; An “Emergency Approval” For the New COVID Vax – Sep 12, 2023

Biden to Send $6B to Iran; An “Emergency Approval” For the New COVID Vax – Sep 12, 2023

President Joe Biden seems determined to carry the “Give Iran Money” torch from the Obama Administration. The new plan is to give the rogue adversarial nation $6 Billion as part of a prisoner swap agreement. Considering Biden’s track record on the less stellar end of the proverbial stick with such transactions, we take a look at what the real motivation is and how this would also bolster up Iran’s nuclear aspirations on today’s The Truth Central with Dr. Jerome Corsi.
We also break down:
The new COVID vax is out via an FDA “emergency approval.” How to avoid being part of this new experiment
1600-plus scientists (and 2 Nobel Prize winners) signed a petition deeming the “climate emergency” a hoax
NATO prepares for its biggest military exercise since the Cold War
Has the West already closed its “Project Ukraine” exits?
Will Dem voters ever realize something is seriously wrong in our country?

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