Big Bond Bear Market Could Be On the Way; Israel Makes its Move in Gaza – The Truth Central, Oct 30, 2023

Big Bond Bear Market Could Be On the Way; Israel Makes its Move in Gaza – The Truth Central, Oct 30, 2023

Bond Expert Jim Grant warns bonds could be headed toward a very long bear market. In a recent in-depth interview with The Market NZZ, which has been lightly edited for length and clarity, the seasoned expert on financial history explains what persistently higher interest rates could mean for investors, what risks are associated with this new environment and where long-term opportunities arise. What does that mean for us? How do we prepare? Dr. Jerome Corsi examines the situation and these questions on today’s The Truth Central.
Also, Israel is making its move in the Gaza Strip, holding off for several days after warning civilians to evacuate. The UN and many Western leaders want a cease-fire, but with little real understanding of the potential ripple effects of one. Israel is determined to defend itself from Hamas and other terrorist groups as well as enemy nations. Dr. Jerome Corsi digs deeply into the situation both between Israel and Hamas and how the world political climate is seemingly leaning on Israel.
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