Corsi: The Biden Crime Family Story Is Not Going Away

Corsi: The Biden Crime Family Story Is Not Going Away
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With President Biden announcing his reelection campaign today, the 2024 presidential election has officially started.  Biden’s announcement may explain why the Hunter Biden laptop story suddenly broke into mainstream media news.

We have to put the Biden announcement together with the news yesterday that Susan Rice is leaving the Biden White House in May.  Rick Grenell, the former acting director of national intelligence under President Trump, has called Rice the “shadow president.”  Suppose Rice was Obama’s operative placed in the Biden White House to allow Obama to pull the strings of Biden’s surrogate president. In that case, her departure might suggest Obama plans to extend his puppet mastery by getting his wife elected to replace his former vice president.   Should Susan Rice agree to be the campaign manager for Michelle Obama’s presidential race, Barack could remain the puppet master pulling the strings. California Governor Gavin Newsom certainly wants to run, and there is speculation a Newsom/Rice ticket (or possibly a Rice/Newsom ticket) would have appeal to the Democratic Party’s far-left base.

The 2024 presidential race in the Democratic Party heated up last week when Robert Kennedy, Jr. announced his candidacy.  Kennedy’s entrance into the race promises to make the Democratic primary season an internecine battle, with Kennedy rejecting the neo-Marxist values of the totalitarian “woke” leadership that today controls the DNC.

he central question confronting Democratic Party is now apparent.  How will these various contenders to the throne move Biden aside?  No political party can easily bar a first-term president from running again.  Biden’s age, unpopularity with the electorate, and apparent senility are detriments to his reelection chances.  So too will be a rough period of stagflation (high inflation and negative economic growth) will be a detriment for Biden.  The Hunter Biden laptop story might just fade into history if Biden should decide running for a second term is maybe not such a good idea.  Or does Biden calculate the only way to keep Hunter Biden free of federal criminal indictments is to run for reelection and retain power?

But one political calculation is now certain.  The story of “The Big Guy” is not going away.

The Biden crime family story has already become mainstream media news.  And with the U.S. continuing to commit billions of dollars in military assistance to Ukraine, the Hunter Biden ties in that country are almost sure to become a campaign issue.

On Sunday, April 23, 2023, the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board published an opinion piece unexpectedly published a story entitled “Joe Biden and the 50 Spies of 2020.”  The editorial featured the testimony of Mike Morell, the former deputy CIA director under Barack Obama, who organized a statement from 51 former U.S. intelligence operatives declaring Hunter’s laptop had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.” The editorial also discussed a phone call Anthony Blinken, then a senior advisor to the Biden campaign and now secretary of state, placed to Morell on October 17, 2020, three days after the New York Post published damaging emails from Hunter’s laptop.  The WSJ editorial pointed out that Biden used the “Gang of 51’s statement” during the final presidential debate, arguing the Hunter laptop story was “a bunch of garbage.”

The final paragraph of the WSJ editorial shows no sympathy for Biden or his son in the incident.  The WSJ editorial concluded as follows:

Intelligence officials, former as well as current, have a particular duty not to spread disinformation because they have access to classified information that the public can’t check.  The press overwhelmingly went along with the false Biden campaign claims because it wanted Mr. Biden to win.  These 51 officials have done more to damage the credibility of the CIA and FBI than anything Donald Trump has said.  Ditto for the complicit media.

On April 21, 2023, the Washington Post predictably defended Biden in an article that quoted Mark Zaid, a lawyer “who says he represents” more than a half-dozen of the signers of the Morell letter.  “What [the] GOP is doing is far greater politicization than what they allege of Dems,” the newspaper quoted Zaid.  “Origins of the letter do not detract from fact contents remain 100% accurate.  Focus on facts.”  The point is that the Washington Post felt compelled to defend Biden in print again as the 2024 presidential campaign has begun building in intensity.

The Watergate burglary occurred on June 17, 1972, but Richard Nixon won a landslide reelection in November.  Senator Sam Ervin opened the Watergate hearings on March 28, 1973, but Richard Nixon did not resign until August 8, 1974.  In 2008, former White House attorney Geoff Shepard wrote a book entitled The Secret Plot to Make Ted Kennedy President (New York: Sentinel, 2008).  Shephard argued Kennedy Democrats exploited Watergate to put Ted Kennedy in the White House in 1976.

With Donald Trump leading all GOP candidates for the 2023 nomination, we will surely hear much about Hunter Biden and his laptop.  House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer has begun subpoenaing bank records on Biden family member finances, with Comer telling reporters at least a dozen relatives of President Biden are likely to be exposed from benefiting from foreign business deals tied to Biden.  TGP reports the Biden family took tens of millions from entities directly connected to the CCP, China’s military, and Ukraine.

TGP has led the Biden crime family story from the start.  When the public fully understands the Biden family financial scandal, it will make child’s play out of the Watergate bags of cash that operatives for the Committee to Reelect the President (affectionally known as CREEP) carried around in 1972. Biden realized as vice president that “America for Sale” was a theme he could sell for billions to Ukrainian oligarchs and the CCP leadership, among others.

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