Dems Step Up Lawfare Against Trump; Look Who’s Responsible for Most of the Carbon Emissions – Dec. 22, 2023

Dems Step Up Lawfare Against Trump; Look Who’s Responsible for Most of the Carbon Emissions – Dec. 22, 2023
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While Democrats are celebrating the Colorado State Supreme Court decision to bump Donald Trump off of the presidential ballot, they are more optimistic about their lawfare efforts against the former President. Will more states follow suit? What will the U.S. Supreme Court have to say about this? How will this affect Trump’s chances of winning the presidency? Dr. Jerome Corsi breaks it all down on today’s The Truth Central.
It’s the 1% who are responsible for 15% of the world’s carbon emissions, despite their demands upon the rest of us
Julian Assange’s last appeal is set for February
The rise in black voter support for Trump
Israel moves forward against Hamas in Gaza

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