DeSantis Drops Out; Haley Plays to Dems – The Truth Central, Jan 22, 2023

DeSantis Drops Out; Haley Plays to Dems – The Truth Central, Jan 22, 2023
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By now you know Florida Governor Ron DeSantis removed himself from contention for the 2024 Republican Presidential Nomination and endorsed Donald Trump. As we move closer to New Hampshire’s primary, Nikki Haley remains in the race — but is she banking of alternative support from democrats in open primaries? It looks that way as Haley has turned to playing the sympathy card after media pressure as well as the race and gender cards as explanations as to why she should be president. While it is widely known these superficial arguments do not resonate with Republican voters and free-thinkers, the Democrats are fueled by such identity politics – a strategy which will also attract the “Never Trump” crowd. With open primaries coming in several states, Haley seems to see a path to win by hoping for some strategic voters’ switcheroo. Dr Jerome Corsi breaks down what’s happening and what he sees in the future, more deeply then who wins and who loses, on The Truth Central
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