Dr. Corsi Breaks Down Why Bidenomics Failed on The Secret War on Cash

Dr. Corsi Breaks Down Why Bidenomics Failed on The Secret War on Cash
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Partisan politics aside, Bidenomics is not working – despite the intent of the Oval Office. We have seen inflation skyrocket, the normalization of high food/gas prices, interest rates spike, the devaluation of the dollar and hyper-spending by the government. Why did the plan to build the economy from the “bottom up” go wrong? How has the fiasco of Bidenomics negatively affected Americans, what is the economic outlook for 2024 – an election year – and, more importantly, how can you protect yourself against a volatile economy?

Swiss America CEO Dean Heskin welcomes special guest Dr. Jerome Corsi to break down Bidenomics, why it’s failing and what’s to come on The Secret War on Cash.
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