Is NATO Deliberately Trying to Provoke Russia? – The Truth Central, Nov 28, 2023

Is NATO Deliberately Trying to Provoke Russia? – The Truth Central, Nov 28, 2023
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As NATO continues to push expansion, the post-World War 2 formerly Anti-Soviet alliance has seemingly become the aggressor as its leaders pushed to allow Finland in and is looking to contain Russia via the Baltic Sea and dreams of bringing in Ukraine. Does NATO really need to keep this train going? What is the ultimate plan? Its pattern shows the NATO nations are trying to provoke Russia into a war they appear to want. Dr. Jerome Corsi breaks it all down and what this plan could lead to on The Truth Central.
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108 Responses to "Is NATO Deliberately Trying to Provoke Russia? – The Truth Central, Nov 28, 2023"

  1. Is Russia the victim of expansion or NATO? Russia is the largest geographic country in the world. Russia is currently occupying parts of Georgia and Ukraine. Who is the aggressor? Is this some kind of Qanon thing? I followed Q for a few months until I figured it to be some kind of psyop. In some peoples mind Russia is some kind of hero and the West is bad and evil. Russia is not that great either and I would still rather live in a land of free speech. I just don’t think NATO are a bunch of psychopaths who want to start a nuclear war with a power such as Russia. Who gains from this? Russia is always trying to make themselves the victim. Russian paranoia is off the charts and they always get exactly what they want. I wish you could get off this kick, because it seriously destroys any credibility you have left. What about Russia the aggressor and NATO the protector? That plays too. Only time and the future can determine the truth of this matter. NATO is not Hitlers Germany and do not want to conquer Russia as far as I can tell. Remember that Putin tells his soldiers that outside of Russian borders are a bunch of Nazis just waiting to attack. Not true. Russia is a propaganda mill.


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