Israel: Facing War from Multiple Sides – The Truth Central, Oct 11, 2023

Israel: Facing War from Multiple Sides – The Truth Central, Oct 11, 2023

Israel continues to hammer Gaza after Hamas’ unprecedented and barbaric attack on Israeli citizens. The conflict is also escalating on a larger scale, forcing Israel to fend off enemies from several angles. Hezbollah commenced hostilities, moving in from Lebanon, Syria tried to pounce by launching missiles across the border, Iran continues to fund and support anti-Israel terrorist group and some anti-Semitic world politicians (including some in the U.S.) have publicly supported Hamas’ brutal actions. Recently, reports cam out about brutal atrocities committed by Hamas at Kfar Aza kibbutz. Could this fight spark a World War?
A lot of what is going on in Israel now can be attributed to failed Leftist anti-self defense policies in Israel and poor foreign policy out of the U.S.
Dr. Jerome Corsi breaks down what’s happening, how we got here and what could happen next on The Truth Central

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