Lawfare Against Trump is Fizzling Out; NBC Admits ‘Deep State’ Exists – Jan 15, 2023

Lawfare Against Trump is Fizzling Out; NBC Admits ‘Deep State’ Exists – Jan 15, 2023
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Despite the gloating within media circles and those prosecuting Donald Trump, it looks like the Lawfare against the former President is fizzling out. A weak civil suit in New York by a politically-charged Attorney General, a scandal among Fulton County prosecutors and challenges to attempts to kick Trump off of the ballot will play huge roles to deflate the barrage against Trump. In addition, NBC did acknowledge the Deep State’s existence, as they gave a platform to oft-disproven Conspiracy Theorist Mary McCord, who boldly told the network the Deep State is preparing for Trump’s return – and is taking action to limit his ability to ‘become a dictator’ and use the military to those ends. Of course, this stems from the media’s hoax trying to get people to believe Trump will become a dictator after taking office.
Dr. Jerome Corsi breaks it all down on The Truth Central.
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