Leaked: A Plan to Oust McCarthy; Blue Mayor’s Eco-Totalitarian Overreach – Sept 20, 2023

Leaked: A Plan to Oust McCarthy; Blue Mayor’s Eco-Totalitarian Overreach – Sept 20, 2023
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The fight against a new defense appropriations bill extended farther than Republican vs. Democrat, some Conservative GOP Reps did not want the McCarthy-approved spending proposal as the two sides fought over excessive government spending. The plot thickened a but more when a plan to bring forth a “Motion to Vacate” against the Speaker was found on paper at a baby-changing station in the Capital building on Tuesday, September 19th. Jerome Corsi breaks the situation down on today’s The Truth Central, PLUS:
A Democrat Mayor’s move to enforce the World Economic Forum’s ban on dairy, meat and private car ownership
Yellen’s ESG 2.0: Net Zero Carbon Emissions rules for financial institutions
How the Climate Cult High Priests conned themselves so much power
A COVID-19 preprint study reveals viral RNA can persist for 2 years
Ukrainian Tactics Put Russia on the Defensive in the Black Sea

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