LGBTQ Travel Advisory for US a Sick Joke When ‘Pride’ Fests Display Lewdness in Front of Kids

LGBTQ Travel Advisory for US a Sick Joke When ‘Pride’ Fests Display Lewdness in Front of Kids
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By David Krayden, Epoch Times

The federal government issued a, shall we say, unusual new travel advisory this week. It warned against members of “‘2SLGBTQI+” from going to the United States because some states are not promoting the gay and trans agenda with sufficient enthusiasm.

On Aug. 28, Global Affairs Canada amended its travel advisories website for Canadian travellers visiting the United States, saying, “Some states have enacted laws and policies that may affect 2SLGBTQI+ persons. Check relevant state and local laws.”

But are LGBTQ people in any actual physical danger in any state in America? Same-sex marriages are the law of the land since the U.S. Supreme Court made that decision. The administration of President Joe Biden is the most gay-friendly in American history and is actively promoting gender ideology in the U.S. school system and in sports, including actively promoting sporting events where biological males can compete against women.

Yes, some states like Florida are insisting that parents are aware if their children decide they want to change their gender or pronouns. Yes, that same state has stopped very young children from being indoctrinated into gender ideology, viewing pornographic books, and discussing sexual themes that are totally inappropriate for their age.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis introduced and signed the Parental Rights Bill almost a year ago. Although it was ludicrously dubbed the “Don’t say gay” bill by Democrats and activists, the legislation actually just prohibits discussions on gender identity and sexual orientation in the state’s K–3 grades “or in a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.”

But there is not the slightest hint of physical, psychological, or emotional harm affecting the LGBTQ “community.”

And that’s what a travel advisory is supposed to be about: when the conditions in a country constitute a direct threat to the safety of potential Canadian travellers.

But if we’re going to issue travel advisories on the basis that someone might just be offended by visiting another country, where exactly would we stop? When is the federal government going to start issuing travel advisories for every country on the earth where some policy or some behaviour is bound to offend some Canadian somewhere.

And perhaps the United States and other countries should issue a travel advisory for people who might be not just offended but shocked and outraged at the morally reprehensible behaviour that occurs at gay and trans fests across Canada.

They might think it’s disgusting that at Ottawa’s recent “Capital Pride” fest, children watched as adults participated in a “dildo ring toss.” No, I’m not making that up. Anybody with half a brain couldn’t make that up. The event featured other lewd activities with children around, which is better not to repeat here.

At Toronto “Pride” celebrations this year, men exposed themselves to children and the police refused to intervene, let alone arrest, any of these sickos.

But never mind these infrequent celebrations of increasingly extreme hedonism. Go to the libraries and schools of any Canadian city and you are bound to encounter the notorious phenomenon of the drag story hours where drag queens have managed to grossly sexualize something as quaintly innocent as reading a book to innocent children.

It’s enough to make you retch, and perhaps enough to issue a travel advisory over the new parameters of the federal government.

The upcoming Million Person March in support of parental rights should be a triumph for democracy and religious unity, but a very bad omen for out-of-hand progressive ideology.

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