Looters ransack retail stores in Philadelphia, 15-20 arrested: police

Looters ransack retail stores in Philadelphia, 15-20 arrested: police

PHILADELPHIA – Several retail stores in Philadelphia were looted when police say a large group of people, including many juveniles, terrorized several sections of Philadelphia during an 8-hour crime spree that spilled over from Tuesday night to early Wednesday morning.

Interim Commissioner John Stanford told reporters the looting began around 8 p.m. when police responded to several reports of looting at businesses. 

A massive police presence swarmed a stretch of Walnut Street between 15th and 18th streets. Videos posted to X, formerly called Twitter, shows retail stores like Lululemon, the Apple Store and Footlocker ravaged by what police called a “coordinated attack.”

FOX 29’s Steve Keeley obtained video of the ransacked Apple Store with iPhones and iPads scattered across the display tables. Keeley reports that many of the stolen Apple products were left behind when the thieves realized the device’s anti-theft technology rendered them inactive.

Looting was also reported in North Philadelphia where thieves struck retail stores like GameStop and Walmart. SkyFOX hovered over a Family Dollar in West Philadelphia that appeared to have been pillaged by looters.

Stanford estimated that the crowd of unruly crowd of looters in Center City grew to as many as 100 people. He added that between 15 and 20 people were arrested during the looting, and at least 2 firearms were recovered during the arrests. 

Police are investigating the possibility that there was a “caravan” of vehicles going from location-to-location to loot retail stores around the city. Some of the people believe to be involved in that suspected caravan have been arrested, Stanford said.

Parts of Chestnut and Walnut streets were locked down overnight as police secured the area and “ensure the safety of both the public and property.”

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