Massive Iceland Volcano Erupts

Massive Iceland Volcano Erupts
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Those that insist that what is happening to our planet is perfectly “normal” suffered another blow on Tuesday when we witnessed an absolutely massive volcanic eruption in Iceland.  Since it sits directly along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Iceland experiences quite a bit of seismic activity, but one prominent volcanologist named Porvaldur Póroarson is warning that the eruption that just took place is “a different creature” from anything we have ever seen before.  The eruption on the Reykjanes peninsula sent fountains of lava shooting up to 330 feet into the air, and residents of Reykjavik are being warned that toxic gas is heading their way

Icelanders in the country’s capital Reykjavik have been warned that gas pollution is likely to head their way ‘within hours’.

Residents in the town of Grindavik were evacuated last month after thousands of earthquakes hinted that the Fagradalsfjall volcano was about to blow.

And it finally did just that last night, sending 330-foot-high lava fountains spurting into the sky out of a 4km-long fissure stretching across Sundhnúkagígar.

Can you imagine how much force must be necessary in order to throw giant plumes of lava 330 feet into the air?

For those that were traveling to and from Iceland at the time of the eruption, it certainly looked like “the gates of hell” had opened up…

Holidaymakers watched the gates of hell open up beneath them as they took-off and landed in Iceland during the nation’s volcanic eruption that sent molten lava spewing into the black sky from fissures in the ground.

Astonishing footage showed holidaymakers bound for Suomi in Finland flying over the volcano, with rivers of orange magma flowing over Iceland in a spectacular show of Earth’s power in the land known for fire and ice.

Other tourists on board an Icelander flight from Keflavik airport to Berlin and another to Copenhagen were this morning met with the same astonishing views, with the molten lava seen spewing into the air from below and snaking its way across the Reykjanes peninsula.

We are being told that this is a “worst-case scenario” because this eruption has happened very close to a very important geothermal power plant…
A volcano in the southwestern region of Iceland erupted on Monday, sending geysers of hot lava as high as 330 feet. The eruption was located near the Svartsengi geothermal power plant near the town of Grindavík, which was evacuated last month over an increase in seismic activity, the NY Times reports.
“We are looking at a worst-case scenario,” said Icelanding volcanologist, Thorvaldur Thordarson, adding “The eruption appears big, and only about two kilometers from major infrastructure.
Meanwhile, northern China was just hit by a magnitude 6.2 earthquake, and more than 100 deaths have already been confirmed
The Chinese Communist Party has documented the deaths of 127 people as of press time Tuesday and hundreds of injuries as a result of a series of earthquakes in northern Gansu province, the largest of which measured 6.2 magnitude.
The death toll already makes it the deadliest earthquake in China since 2010 and is expected to grow as several of the injured are in critical condition and many locals are missing under rubble.

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