New Fighting Erupts Along Israel’s Northern Border as the U.S. Bombs Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Targets for a 3rd Time

New Fighting Erupts Along Israel’s Northern Border as the U.S. Bombs Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Targets for a 3rd Time
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There have been some major developments in the war in the Middle East.  Fighting is heating up along Israel’s northern border, and the Biden administration has decided to bomb facilities used by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps for a third time in retaliation for new attacks on U.S. forces in the region.

This war threatens to spiral out of control at any moment, but there is no turning back now.

On Sunday, the IDF continued to tighten the circle around the Hamas headquarters that is located directly beneath Gaza’s biggest hospital

Israeli ground forces on Sunday battled Hamas militants near Gaza’s largest hospital, where health officials said thousands of staff, patients and displaced people remain trapped with no electricity, dwindling supplies and some gunfire coming inside.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has dismissed growing international calls for a cease-fire unless it includes the release of all the nearly 240 hostages kidnapped by Hamas in its bloody Oct. 7 rampage that triggered the war, saying Israel was bringing its “full force” with the aim of ending Hamas’ 16-year rule in Gaza.

The IDF has been making steady progress, and it is being reported that they have even killed the Hamas commander that was keeping staff and patients from leaving the hospital…

Israeli forces on Saturday night claimed to have killed a Hamas commander who held 1,000 Gazans “hostage” in a hospital as human shields.

The Israel Defense Forces said that Ahmed Siam, a leader in Hamas’s al-Furqan Brigade, had blocked civilians from evacuating the Al-Rantisi Hospital in Gaza City earlier this week.

Meanwhile, fighting continues to intensify on the northern front.

On Friday, Hezbollah admitted that seven more of their fighters had been killed, and that brings the grand total to 68 since the war started…

Lebanon’s Hezbollah has issued a rare announcement Friday, saying that seven of its fighters have been killed, describing that they were “martyred on the road to Jerusalem” – which is code for fighting Israel.

But it’s being widely reported that at least some of the slain Hezbollah members were killed inside Syria, after a new Friday Israeli airstrike on central Homs. In total on Friday, Hezbollah released seven death notices.

Hezbollah as well as international sources have cited a death toll of at least 68 Hezbollah fighters since the Oct.7 conflict began, centered on southern Israel and Gaza.

Then on Sunday, an IDF drone hit a target 40 kilometers inside the Lebanese border

Earlier this morning, Lebanese media outlets reported that an IDF drone struck a truck near the coastal village of al-Zahrani, some 40 kilometers from the Israeli border, just south of Sidon.

There were no reports of injuries in the strike.

The IDF had said it had carried out a strike on a site from which surface-to-air missiles were fired at military drones over the Israel-Lebanon border, without specifying the exact location.

The fact that this strike happened so deep inside Lebanon has greatly infuriated the Islamic world.

But if Hezbollah does not stand down, much worse is coming.

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