Over 3 Years of Bidenomics: What the Media Doesn’t Want You to Know; Iran Preps to Attack Israel

Over 3 Years of Bidenomics: What the Media Doesn’t Want You to Know; Iran Preps to Attack Israel
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It has been over three years — 38 months — under Bidenomics. While the Far Left and its media sycophants continue to celebrate this massive failure, the numbers reveal the truth. Average inflation sits at 5.5% under Biden with highs floating around 9%. Mortgage rates have skyrocketed, the dollar has been diminished in value, government spending increased exponentially and real wages have gone down. Dr. Corsi breaks down and analyzes the complete folly and devastating consequences of Bidenomics on The Truth Central.
Investors are jumping ship from Green Agenda funds, #ESG
#Iran is preparing to attack #Israel. 
#Russia bombards #Ukraine with #hypersonic missiles

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