Defending Religious Freedom in the U.S. with Chaplain Gordon (Dr. Chaps) Klingenschmitt – The Truth Central

Defending Religious Freedom in the U.S. with Chaplain Gordon (Dr. Chaps) Klingenschmitt – The Truth Central
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Religions Freedom is in danger throughout the U.S. and the rest of the supposed “free world.” People are being arrested for praying in public, President Biden has coined the term “Christian Nationalists” and has labeled many religious people “extremists” for the way they choose to worship, public schools and cultural institutions have systematically phased out references to Christianity and Jewish students are being harassed by activists on “college” campuses. These are only a few examples of how religion, mainly Christianity and Judaism, are in the crosshairs of Statists, Globalists and Cultural Marxists within the United States, Europe and other formerly-free nations.
Chaplain Gordon (Dr. Chaps) Klingenschmitt, who was once court-martialed for praying in uniform while he was in the Navy and fought back, joins Dr. Jerome Corsi to break down what has happened to religions freedom here in America and what needs to be done to defend our rights to worship without government interference and penalty. 

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