Silicon Valley Tech Bros Fight Back Against Democrat Socialist Who Blames “Capitalism” For Poop-Covered San Fran Streets 

Silicon Valley Tech Bros Fight Back Against Democrat Socialist Who Blames “Capitalism” For Poop-Covered San Fran Streets 
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The CEO of startup incubator Y Combinator, a registered Democrat, has had enough of radical progressive lawmakers in his own political party who have done nothing more than transform San Francisco into a crime-ridden hellhole with shit-covered streets

The San Francisco Standard has described Garry Tan as the metro area’s “preeminent political pitbull, an attack dog with a taste for progressives.” This is because Tan, along with other tech bros, have been funding campaigns to rid the city of awful progressives, such as former Soros-backed District Attorney of San Fran Chesa Boudin. 

Tan’s latest post on X quoted a New York Post article about San Francisco Supervisor Dean Preston’s claim the city’s collapse into turmoil is a direct result of “capitalism.” 

“You understand why I donated $50K this year just to get this guy out of office, right?” Tan wrote. 

Preston’s District 5 includes the Tenderloin District, a part of the town with shit-covered streets, open-air drug markets, a huge homeless population, and violent crime.

The Democratic Socialist blamed his district’s woes on capitalism:

“I think what you’re seeing in the Tenderloin is absolutely the result of capitalism and what happens in capitalism to the people at the bottom rungs.” 

The socialist continued: 

“The biggest driver of why folks are on the street is because they lost their jobs, income or were evicted from their homes, usually for not being able to pay the rent. So you have major landlords literally causing folks to lose their homes, and real estate speculation making it impossible for folks to find an affordable place to live.” 

Preston has been an advocate for disastrous social justice policies and continues to call for defunding the police. He noted:

“I think we have a very, very bloated police budget. All kinds of waste in the police department. I could cut $100 million out of the department.” 

Musk has called for Preston to be fired:

“He is arguably the person most responsible for the destruction of San Francisco.” 

We must add that capitalism in the metro area worked fine until radical leftists took control of City Hall and implemented one failed public policy after another for more than a decade. 

At least Mayor London Breed recognized the shifting winds and made a gigantic U-Turn this past summer to refund the police as her 2024 re-election bid remains murky due to a failed crime plan. 

Oddly enough, Democrats decided to clean up the homeless, open-air drug markets, and shit-covered streets (only temporarily) when Chinese President Xi Jinping came into the town for a major economic conference last month. This leads us to believe that crime-ridden streets, a by-product of failed progressive public policies, are a manufactured crisis with sinister intentions. 

At least now, Silicon Valley tech bros are fighting back against rogue Democrats to save the city. 

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