The Black Sea Will Never Be ‘NATO’s Sea’, Kremlin Vows

The Black Sea Will Never Be ‘NATO’s Sea’, Kremlin Vows
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Liz Truss, who briefly served as the UK’s Prime Minister in 2022, has this week called for Ukraine to be fast-tracked into NATO. “I also believe we should fast-track Ukraine’s membership of NATO. We should have done it years ago, but the best time to do it will be now,” Truss emphasized in a speech at a Heritage Foundation event. The Kremlin has responded firmly in the face of these recent calls, which have also come from Polish leadership and of course Ukrainian officials, by pledging that the Black Sea will ‘never be NATO’s sea.’ The specific references to ‘ownership’ of the Black Sea came in specific response to provocative words of  Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, who urged that allied powers turn the Black Sea into a “NATO sea”. Ironically enough he at the same time called for its demilitarization.

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