The Roots of Wokeism: How it All Started – The Truth Central, Oct 17, 2023

The Roots of Wokeism: How it All Started – The Truth Central, Oct 17, 2023

Dr. Jerome Corsi takes a deep dive into the origins of wokeness and who dreamed up the ideas which have eventually infiltrated Western politics and popular culture decades later.
We trace the roots of Wokeism back to Italian Communist Party Founder Antonio Gramsci and his Prison Papers. which centered around both Marxist and Critical Theory. Soon after, Max Horkhemer a member and later director of the Frankfurt School’s Institute for Social Research (which, incidentally, started out as a Marxist study group) inner circle, led efforts to research and analyze Critical Theory
We also dive deeply into those who continued to promote and advance what would later become Wokeism including Jean-Francois Lyotard and Jacques Derrida as Dr. Corsi chronicles how these Marxist and Neo-Marxist philosophers developed what would soon be simplified and packaged into what we are seeing today as a dominant force in today’s Far-Left and Democrat politics.

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