The Truth Central July 17, 2013: Globalists Publish Plan for Worldwide Financial ENSLAVEMENT Via a Unified Ledger

The Truth Central July 17, 2013: Globalists Publish Plan for Worldwide Financial ENSLAVEMENT Via a Unified Ledger
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The Globalists are getting bolder with their agenda and how they plan to control our lives moving forward. One of the latest stunts comes from the Bank for International Settlements, which recently published a plan on its website an orwellian, globalist-run “unified ledger” which records the ownership of all assets (checking accounts, real estate, bonds, stocks, etc.) on a centralized exchange run by globalists. All assets will be “tokenized,” a process that the BIS describes as, “recording claims on financial or real assets that exist on a traditional ledger on a programmable platform” — a unified ledger. Dr. Jerome Corsi examines this and breaks down how to fight back on today’s The Truth Central.
While the U.S. Navy is worried abuot DEI, 37% of its attack subs are out of otder
Thr EU is in a recession
NATO is holding admission of Ukraine at bay for fear of war with Russia
Preparing for the de-dollarization of the world
Be forewarned about the El Nino hype

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