U.S. Banks Take $18.9B in Losses; Are “Climate Emergency” Lockdowns Coming? – The Truth Central, Aug 21, 2023

U.S. Banks Take $18.9B in Losses; Are “Climate Emergency” Lockdowns Coming?  – The Truth Central, Aug 21, 2023

Bidenomics at work again: U.S. Banks reported $18.9 Billion in losses amid a struggling economy. This is a devastating blow to the financial sector, which reflects what’s happening with many people around the nation. Dr. Jerome Corsi breaks it down and examines what happens next as well as how to turn it around on today’s The Truth Central
The White House is blaming all of the recent storms — predictably — on “Global Warming.” Is the government preparing us for a “Climate Emergency” and potential lockdowns?
Trump skips out of the first Republican Presidential debate
Biden says “Russia has already lost” in Ukraine, but U.S. intelligence says differently
Is the Next COVID Booster the REAL Reason Variant Cases Are Spiking?

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