WEF ‘Agenda Contributor’ Says Human Rights Are ‘Fictional;’ Takeaways from NH Primary – Jan. 24, 2024

WEF ‘Agenda Contributor’ Says Human Rights Are ‘Fictional;’ Takeaways from NH Primary – Jan. 24, 2024
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If you would really like to know the kind of people we are up against when it comes to saving the free world from the Globalist Left, perhaps their attitude is summed up by a TedX speech by College Professor and World Economic Forum ‘Agenda Contributor’ Yuval Noah Harari. who not only predictably insults religion, but told his audience he believes human rights are ‘fictional.’ The ‘Humans have no rights’ attitude carries over to the Davos elite, who spent the past week trying to figure our ways to regain manipulative information control, stuff us in 15-minute cites, digitalize a controlled currency, float a worldwide carbon tax and curtail individual freedoms. Dr. Jerome Corsi delves deeply into Harai’s comments and how his philosophy is paramount to the World Economic Forum and other organized globalists on The Truth Central
We break down some takeaways from the New Hampshire Primaries
Utility bill debt reached a new high in the US
What a 2nd Trump term could look like for oil, gas and the energy sector
Israel is having trouble flushing out extensive Hamas tunnel network

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