What Happened to the Banking Industry? – The Secret War on Cash

What Happened to the Banking Industry? – The Secret War on Cash
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There was a time when customer service meant something within the banking industry. Those times seem to be gone. Since COVID, banks have been caught illegally freezing accounts of depositors – keeping them from accessing their money – which could ruin lives. One U.S. bank was recently fined $21 Million for doing this. Still, there have been several reports since of this same thing happening to more people all over the country. Is being good to one’s clients a thing of the past? Are we to expect this sorry state of the banking sector as a “new normal?” Could it turn back in a positive direction or perhaps get worse? Swiss America CEO Dean Heskin and Chris Agelastos explore these questions, what has gone wrong and how you can protect yourself if it happens to you on The Secret War on Cash.

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4 Responses to "What Happened to the Banking Industry? – The Secret War on Cash"

  1. As of September 2023, the U.S. national debt stood at just over $33 trillion. Since 2013 US debt has doubled from 16.7 trillion to 33 trillion. Obama, Trump and Biden all contributed to the astronomical debt.
    One report said that many investors are no longer that interested in buying our debt. The US takes in 5 trillion in revenue per year and spends 7 trillion. Borrowing to pay the bills. 1 trillion goes to pay the interest every year on the debt we already owe.

    2013 $16,738 Sequester; government shutdown
    2014 $17,824 QE ended; debt ceiling crisis
    2015 $18,151 Oil prices fell
    2016 $19,573 Brexit
    2017 $20,245 Congress raised the debt ceiling
    2018 $21,516 Trump tax cuts
    2019 $22,719 Trade wars
    2020 $26,945 COVID-19 and recession
    2021 $28,428 COVID-19 and American Rescue Plan Act
    2022 $30,928 Inflation Reduction Act



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