Will 2024 be a Rough Year for the Globalists? – The Truth

Will 2024 be a Rough Year for the Globalists? – The Truth
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2024 could be a tough year for the Globalists. A predicted backlash from the regular voters in Europe and across the globe in response to the Maoist/Marxist/World Economic Forum Cultural Agenda, global debt, awakening to counterproductive Leftist policies like open borders, DEI, education, censorship, climate alarmism and aims to lock down entire populations could set their agenda backward, or perhaps restore its proper place as a subject of ridicule, again. The Malei and Wilders victories around the world, potential election of Donald Trump and strengthening of Centrist and Right-leaning movements will also strike a blow to the so-called Global Elites. Dr. Jerome Corsi breaks it all down on today’s The Truth Central.
It’s not just Trump: the Dems are trying to eradicate all sorts of rivals to Biden from the Presidential ballot
The real dangers of the global debt crisis
Iran vows revenge after Wednesday’s deadly bombings

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