Will 2024 be the Year of Trump? – The Truth Central, Jan 3, 2024

Will 2024 be the Year of Trump? – The Truth Central, Jan 3, 2024
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Although President Donald Trump is constantly bashed by media types and the Leftist establishment while facing many prosecutions out of the proverbial “left field” plus efforts to remove him from state ballots, the Businessman-turned-Politician is still the favorite to be elected to the Oval Office in 2024. Is it because people are seeing through the political class and mainstream media cohorts? is it an awakening to the direction in which the nation and world is going? Perhaps it is merely disdain with current economic policy or a combination of all of those points. Dr. Jerome Corsi breaks down what’s happening and why 2024 could quite well be the Year of Donald Trump on today’s The Truth Central
US. Debt hits a record high at $34.001 TRILLION
Gold predicted to spike, but how high?
The Gaza War extends into Beruti after a Hamas leader is killed
Ukraine attacks Belgorod region again
Claudine Gay resigns as President of Harvard, will stay on as a professor. Where will Harvard go next?

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