Will the Dems Push Michelle Obama as their 2024 Prez Nominee? Joel Gilbert joins Dr. Jerome Corsi – Oct 13, 2023

Will the Dems Push Michelle Obama as their 2024 Prez Nominee? Joel Gilbert joins Dr. Jerome Corsi – Oct 13, 2023

The many failures of President Joe Biden, his destructive policy, the bribery scandal, his mishandling of sensitive classified documents, his age and his constant gaffes are of serious concern to the Democrat Party in its quest to keep the Executive Branch power through the 2024 election. Polls show the man Biden and his operatives want to throw in jail, Donald Trump continues to poll ahead of the incumbent, often widening the gap between the two. Making matters worse, there seem to be relatively few who want to see Vice President Kamala Harris become President in case Biden winds up incapable of serving as the party’s figurehead. What about the rest of the crop of potential candidates? Are the likes of Pete Buttigieg, Harris and Elizabeth Warren the best the Left has to offer? Enter: Michelle Obama: she has celebrity power, she’s popular among potential Dem voters and the wife of a very popular ex-president (albeit the latter does not always work out). She, like her husband, has been groomed for the political game through the Chicago political machine and the Left’s power brokers.
The circumstances may clear the way for Michelle Obama to run for President in 2024
Joel Gilbert, author of the book and creator of the movie titled: Michelle Obama 2024: Her Real Life Story and Plan for Power, explains why we could see the former First Lady be the Democrat nominee in 2024. Gilbert delves into Obama’s dubious past in Chicago politics, what she did to gain power and how she intends to gain more.

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