Woke Be Damned: Bring Back Science with John Droz, Jr – The Truth Central

Woke Be Damned: Bring Back Science with John Droz, Jr – The Truth Central
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True science has been bastardized by the woke, who continue to claim to be the saviors of what they are really destroying. They shout down anyone who questions their unscientific climate change theories du jour, constantly ignore the scientific method and demonize any hypotheses challenging their narrow collective worldview. Then, the Woke Far Left prove how truly little they know or care about science by denying biology by ignoring gender differences, claiming men can get pregnant, insisting biological men can compete in women’s sports evenly and making other politically-motivated outrageous claims. Their knowledge of environmental science stretches to only what is told to them by washed-up often-wrong Al Gore and what a child named Greta tells them to think. Still, these science deniers have infiltrated public schools, culture and national politics with their false teachings passed to the unwitting as undeniable facts. Those who challenge them are de-platformed, shouted down and “cancelled” by the Left’s political anti-science misinformation machine.
With Dr. Corsi today is John Droz, Jr. John received undergraduate degrees in Physics and Mathematics from 
Boston College, a graduate degree in Physics from Syracuse University, and 
has been a Mensa member. He worked as a physicist for GE Aerospace 
Electronics, Mohawk Data Sciences, and Monolithic Memories. 
After retiring at age 34, he has focused on educating citizens about technical 
issues ranging from Climate to COVID and Energy to Education. His 
underlying concern is that these policies should be based on genuine Science, 
but instead they are often about political science — which guarantees inferior 
results. Dr. Corsi and John discuss the effort to bring science — real science — back to the schools and mainstream. 
John is the founder of Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions (AWED), an 
international coalition promoting science-based climate and energy policies. 
His WiseEnergy.org website focuses on wind energy and solar — with the 
unusual emphasis of showing citizens how to defend their rights

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