Russia Issues Veiled Threat Against Europe Over French Long-Range Missiles To Ukraine

Russia Issues Veiled Threat Against Europe Over French Long-Range Missiles To Ukraine
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The Kremlin is saying consequences are coming against France after President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday announced supplies of SCALP long-range cruise missiles to Ukraine. The AFP then reported that the first delivery of the missiles are already in Kiev’s hands. 

“The first missiles had been delivered when the president announced it,” a source told the publication from the NATO summit in Vilnius. It seems a number of the Western allies are trying to bring something “big” to the table for the Vilnius summit, making their announcements of the various new defense aid packages from Lithuania. 

The UK calls the same weapon the “Storm Shadow” – as SCALP is an air-launched British-French missile, which will reportedly now constitute the longest range weapon in Ukraine’s arsenal of foreign arms.

Some reports have cited a 290 km or more operational range, but this can be modified depending on the recipient. Russia quickly blasted the French decision as “erroneous” and said that “it remains to be clarified and found out exactly what (effective casualty) radius we are talking about,” according to a statement from Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

“This, from our point of view, is an erroneous decision, fraught with consequences for the Ukrainian side. Because, naturally, this will force us to take countermeasures,” he told a press briefing.” He stressed that for Ukraine the missiles only “only aggravates its fate.”

“These decisions (to supply heavier weapons) cannot, are not able to turn the course of the ‘special military operation’. They can only aggravate the fate of the Ukrainian, Kyiv regime,” Peskov asserted. 

He also hinted it could ultimately threaten broader European security

Concerning Ukraine’s speedy accession to NATO, Peskov said it could be very dangerous for European security.

“This really conceals great dangers, and those who will make this decision have to realize that,” he stressed.

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda then seized on the veiled Kremlin threat to urge NATO members to begin establishing permanent military bases on Russia’s borders, according to a report in Anadolu Agency:

“The Russian military infrastructure has never moved towards Western Europe… however there has always been a movement in the opposite direction. If the Europeans do not understand this mistake, then, of course, it is regrettable,” he noted.

The NATO summit will run through tomorrow, and itself is located in Russia might consider it’s “own backyard” of the Baltics. Likely, the bellicose war rhetoric will only grow, as more and more escalatory measures are unveiled. 
Is Germany next to jump on the “more and bigger weapons” to Ukraine bandwagon?

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