The Declaration of North America, WHO Pandemic Treaty and the Medical Martial Law Plan with Todd Calender on The Truth Central

The Declaration of North America, WHO Pandemic Treaty and the Medical Martial Law Plan with Todd Calender on The Truth Central
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Todd Calendar joins Dr. Jerome Corsi on The Truth Central as our series on the Globalists’ efforts to use powers given to them by complicit western leaders to destroy the free world. You will be surprised to find the Biden Administration’s signing over our nation’s sovereignty during any WHO-proclaimed “health emergency” is only one of many steps taken previously, yet under the radar.
A few years ago, Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau and Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador signed the “Declaration of North America” — which is a 6-Woke-Pillar program of policy unification and plays into the recent WHO Pandemic Treaty’s potential for Medical Martial Law. The COVID experiment helped establish a somewhat crude temporary “vaccine social credit score,” opening the doors for a full vaccine-based surveillance system.
Dr. Corsi and Todd Calender discuss the COVID lockdowns dress rehearsal for the criminally-concocted future pandemic (or perhaps a more elaborate health emergency like a ‘climate crisis’) plan to gain ultimate control over the world’s population. There are already globalist magnifying glasses over either the Marburg Virus or the so-called “Disease X” for possible use to achieve the goal.
Both Calender and Corsi also talk about how to fight back against this plan, rooted in lust for power and abject evil.

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Todd Calender is an international lawyer, licensed in Colorado and practicing primarily outside of the United States. In August of 2021, Todd filed the first lawsuit against the US Department of Defense, Dept. of Health and Human Services and Food and Drug Administration (August 2021) in Robert v. Austin, which sought to stop the “vaccine” mandates in the DOD and had the effect of halting the Use of Force order issued by Secretary Austin, while ensuring access and judicial oversight to exemption procedures for nearly 400,000 service members. Robert V. Austin remains an active case with a Petition in front of the US Supreme Court where one of the principal issues presented is whether the genetic modification qualities of the synthetic mRNA shots transforms vaccinated people into the chattel property (slaves) of the patent holders in violation of the 13th Amendment (anti-slavery) to the Constitution.
In previous times, Todd was responsible for opening trade and commerce between the United States
and Cuba in 1997 by obtaining the first US travel, business, OFAC and export licenses granted during the period Cuba was a designated Enemy of the State (US). Todd ran a three-year clinical field trial of a needlefree mass vaccination device in collaboration with Cuba and the US State and Commerce Departments for three years with the consent of the US Treasury Department and with observance by the WHO. Todd had occasion to do business with many vaccine manufacturers and global health organizations at that time including but not limited to Pfizer, PATH, FDA, WHO and Cuban Ministry of Health
Todd has been practicing law for almost 30 years and currently serves as the principal in the law firm Disabled Rights Advocates PLLC and is the CEO of both CloutHub, a novel social media platform and also a large health & disability insurance group.
Most recently, Todd filed the first Writ Quo Warranto with the United States Attorney, against the entire cabinet of the US Executive Branch for failure to provide required and perfected Oaths of Office. Since filing the Writ, people from around the world have provided significant and voluminous evidence that fraudulent, nonexistent or defective Oaths of Office are the norm throughout government in many countries.

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