Trump’s Historic Mugshot; The Left’s New Scam-Demic COVID Narrative Strategy – The Truth Central, Aug 23, 2023

Trump’s Historic Mugshot; The Left’s New Scam-Demic COVID Narrative Strategy – The Truth Central, Aug 23, 2023
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Former President, Republican Presidential Primary front-runner and chief Biden political rival Donald Trump turned himself in to Fulton County prosecutors on Thursday. While Leftists and other Establishment types are patting themselves on the back over this, Trump’s mugshot is quickly becoming an iconic symbol of strength in the face of adversity, defiance against an abusive government authority and persistence while battling an all-powerful global establishment. Dr. Jerome Corsi examines the situation, the symbolism, the real-world ramifications and how this photo could be a driving force for voters in the 2024 presidential election on today’s The Truth Cenrtral:
The Left’s new Scam-Demic narrative strategy
BRICS adds more nations to its roster
Homelessness in major world cities skyrocketing
The US’ and UK’s immense immigration backlog

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146 Responses to "Trump’s Historic Mugshot; The Left’s New Scam-Demic COVID Narrative Strategy – The Truth Central, Aug 23, 2023"

  1. Follow up to my previous comments:

    Below is a better link to the interview with Todd Callender and Lisa McGee in which they describe the frauds in the Biden admin. (Ref. link below.)

    Please help get those frauds out of DC. Time is of the essence. Their goal is to bring down America. We do not have time to wait for another election, even if it isn’t stolen. We must remove the imposters before they totally destroy America!

    Link to interview with Todd Callender and Lisa McGee:
    (Fast forward to 29:23 mark.)

  2. We can rid America of the frauds in the Biden Regime and Federal Govt. by filing charges and making arrests of the real criminals who have been working to destroy America.

    According to Todd Callender (attorney) and his assistant, Lisa McGee, who have been investigating the Biden admin., all of them are imposters who have no legal authority to be passing laws. They are all imposters. We have an administration in DC made up of FRAUDS. Even Lloyd Austin, Sec. of Defense, is a phony. None of them have sworn to uphold the Constitution. None of their oaths have been notarized by a notary and seal to make it legal, All of them are imposters. (It appears that they did not want a legitimate oath on file, because if and when they are found out and charged with treason, they can use as their defense that they never actually swore to uphold our Constitution.)

    Please watch the interview of Todd Callender and his assistant, Lisa McGee. They explain in detail how those frauds in DC have gotten control of America, and need to be taken out. Todd believes that President Trump could conceivably be restored as President, and another election will not be necessary.
    (Ref. link below.)

    Stop the Invasion: Biden reinstated the UN Compact Migration which explains why our Border Patrol and Military are facilitating the invasion, instead of protecting America’s borders. Obama signed onto it, and President Trump withdrew. (Note: In the Guardian there is an article about this subject.) However, Biden reinstated the UN open borders fiasco that is allowing America to be invaded by millions of people from around the world. If we don’t get this invasion stopped, we will not have a nation, which is the goal of the Globalist Great Reset. Biden also signed an agreement with Mexico and Canada making the U.S. part of the North American Agreement, which replaces our Constitution and Bill of Rights.


    Link to interview with Todd Callender and Lisa McGee. Fast forward to the 29:23 mark.)


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